May 27, 2024

US broadcaster justifies Kate's jokes on live show – and receives criticism

Princess Kate recently spoke about her cancer diagnosis.Photo: Phil Noble – WPA Pool/Getty Images

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Imke Gerets

Princess Kate underwent abdominal surgery last January. Her last public appearance was at the end of December. There were initially no details about her illness. Since then, events have accelerated. Soon, many rumors spread about her absence. Kensington Palace stressed from the beginning that there would be no continuous updates regarding her health. On March 22, it was the 42-year-old woman who revealed her illness.

She revealed in a video message: “In January, I had major abdominal surgery in London, and it was assumed at the time that I did not have cancer, and the operation was successful. But during the tests conducted after the operation, it was found that I had cancer.” She explained that her medical team advised Kate to undergo preventive chemotherapy.

Following the shocking news, there were apologies from many people who had previously mocked Kate's withdrawal and offered wild theories about why she disappeared from the public eye. Now an American mediator has also spoken out.

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Stephen Colbert backs down after his grudge against Kate.

Stephen Colbert was one of those who mocked the circumstances surrounding her whereabouts in Kate's absence. On March 13, the late-night host said on his show that the withdrawal from the princess was related to Prince William's alleged infidelity. This has been a theory that is mentioned from time to time on social media by different people.

as “daily Mail“Colbert is now reported to have said in his last broadcast that he ‘never takes another person’s tragedy lightly.’” However, there was no apology from him to Kate, the newspaper wrote. Instead, the 59-year-old asserted that his jokes “upset some people.” He stressed that he realizes that “any cancer diagnosis, regardless of its type, is devastating to the patient and his family.”

There is a clear reaction to the behavior of the American broker

The presenter also said that he and everyone involved in the show would like to “send well wishes and sincere hope that your recovery will be quick and successful.” He justified himself by saying that in the past few weeks almost everyone has talked about the secret of Kate's disappearance from public life. “We made some jokes about this mystery and all the coverage,” he noted.

“A lot of my jokes have upset people in the past — and I'm sure some of my jokes will continue to upset people in the future,” Colbert said. Although he expressed his wishes for her recovery on “The Late Show,” criticism of the presenter was renewed.

The accusation was that he did not apologize for his jokes. Dickie Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth's former press secretary, said: “He may feel remorseful for himself, but he has not apologised.” There was more criticism of him on social media.

“I didn't hear any apology, he was just talking about himself,” one user wrote under Arbiter's post on X. Additionally, one user noted: “Exactly, he's sorry that people thought badly of him, but he doesn't feel guilty about what he did.” One follower continued: “I completely agree with Dicky! That was no excuse. “He should be prosecuted.”

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