June 22, 2024

Laying the foundation stone for the gondola test track in Taufkirchen

Laying the foundation stone for the gondola test track in Taufkirchen

It’s just a blurred field next to the A8. But throughout the year, the test track for a new type of gondola lift, called the Ottobahn, will be built on this field in Taufkirchen. Interested parties should then be able to take a test ride of the gondola for a distance of about one kilometer.

So there was great ecstasy at the groundbreaking ceremony. The Taufkirchner District Office issued the final building permit a good month ago, and the rigs are expected to move in over the next few weeks. At the end of the year, the Ottobahn wants to do its first test drives.

With Ottobahn to Munich

The train looks like a cable car from the outside, but it runs on rails and is completely independent. It is planned that roads will be built, for example, with railways. Passengers can summon gondolas via an app.

If it was up to the manager of the Ottobahn, Mark Schindler, they wanted to continue building this elevated railway directly in the direction of Munich. Among other things, a Karl-Preis-Platz relationship is under discussion. “This is our claim, we want to build trade routes, preferably in Munich,” Schindler told BR. Its long-term goal is to bring the Ottobahn to other cities. Currently, interest is not only in Germany – but also all over the world.

global concern

There was already a great deal of interest last year and a number of requests for Taufkirchen’s first test drive – including international orders, for example from a UK or Middle Eastern building developer. According to Mark Schindler, the company has also been in contact with North Africa for a few months.

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Taufkirchen Mayor Ulrich Sander is excited about the possibility of realizing such an innovative project in his community south of Munich. Former Bavarian Minister of Transport Christine Schreyer (CSU) has already spoken in favor of the new Munich gondola lift in the past and has actively promoted the project. Her successor, Christian Bernretter (CSU) also wants to continue supporting the project. The construction of the test track is currently being funded by 100 percent of private funds.