May 19, 2024

Grand Theft Auto VI: Are these the cast of the two heroes?

Grand Theft Auto VI has been official for a few months, but it’s still unclear who the actors will be playing the main characters. Now there is a new rumor about it.

As is known, the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI game from Rockstar Games will contain two main characters: Jason and Lucia. However, it is still unclear and the actors who will play them have not yet been officially confirmed. Now a new one has been added to the previous rumors.

For example, while Gamerant previously identified Joseph Connors as a possible and likely protagonist in Grand Theft Auto VI, there are now new in-game names for both protagonists. Connors appeared on the radar after his online biography mentioned his involvement in a Rockstar project planned for 2025 – such as GTA 6. This reference to a lead role has since been removed from the internet.

Now YouTuber LegacyKillaHD has spoken out and brought in another actor to play Jason – and a potential actress has also been named Lucia. YouTube points to an unspecified but “reliable” source.

If LegacyKillaHD is true to its source material, actor Dylan Rourke could take on the role of Jason in GTA 6. Lucia, the first playable heroine of the long-running hit series, will be played by American actress Manny L. Perez.

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How reliable is this information? This is difficult to verify at the moment! LegacyKillaHD has been both right and wrong when it comes to Rockstar leaks – so there’s still a certain amount of skepticism at the moment. Perez, known from Click Next to Follow or Blindspot, has often been mentioned in the rumor mill as a potential actress for Lucia following the release of the first trailer in December.

Dylan Rourke (including “Grey’s Anatomy”) could certainly be a good fit for Jason, especially since it’s in keeping with Rockstar’s casting strategy of not necessarily relying on the most famous actors. We will of course keep you updated on further developments of this rumour!

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