October 3, 2023

Michael Schumacher: Gina’s daughter celebrates her victory in millions of races! | entertainment

What a night for Gina Schumacher (25) in Las Vegas!

In the “Run for a Million” event, which is one of the most important events in the equestrian sport, Shumi’s daughter came third on her horse “Gunnastepya” with 229.5 points. Prize for his position: 75,000 dollars (about 69,000 euros)!

In doing so, Jenna has won a total of $1.35 million in prize money in her career – making her the youngest ever million-dollar contestant in the National Racehorse Association, one of the largest USA-based organizations!

She can’t just ride: Gina Schumacher launched her first summer fashion collection and modeled

Image: Affairs of the Heart | Ertu Gennare

In Schumacher, it’s not just the horses that are currently causing so much love: about a week ago they did Mike Schumacher (24) His relationship with Danish model Leila Hasanovich (22) is public. Sister Gina has been with boyfriend Ian Bethke (26) for six years.

Deeply in love and everyone can see that (this time) - Mick is holding Lyla tight

Deeply in love and everyone can see that (this time) – Mick is holding Lyla tight

photo: lailahasanovic/Instagram

mummy Corinna (54) and Papa Michael (54) are very proud of their children.

While Mick is active as a racing driver in Europe, Gina is ahead of everyone else in the US in grips (the discipline in Western riding). Like now in las vegas. In 2021, she was the only woman and non-professional cyclist to take part in the “Run for a Million”. Gene Schumacher is pregnant and ambitious in achieving her goals.

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In a previous interview, Jenna said, “To get better you have to compete with the best and really the best here and that pushes me to get better.”

Gina continued, “My ultimate goal is to train my own horses, to enhance our breeding and the horses we raise, and to enhance our stallions – just to get better.”

Gina with her father Michael Schumacher at the 1999 Kart party at Schumacher's in Kerpen

Gina with her father Michael at a Kart party in 1999 at Schumacher’s in Kerpen

Photo: Andreas Paul/Bild