May 24, 2024

Great Britain: Count Dustbin Face wants to storm London City Hall – Entertainment

But in reality, it's not about getting as many votes as possible, says Harvey in an interview with the German news agency in London. The 44-year-old said: “You don't need one vote. It's always great when they come. But that's not the point. It's simply about showing that everyone can vote, which is not possible in many countries around the world.” . He praised that the electoral authorities are always very cooperative. “You understand what it's about.”

The electoral system has changed without citizen participation

Politics professor Tony Travers of the London School of Economics confirms that Count Benves's supporters also have a serious side. Binface voters were very good at using the previous voting system, where they could indicate two preferences. First preference was Binface. But because he was quickly eliminated from the race, they chose one of the most promising candidates as second best, to whom the vote was then transferred. “They were effective in sending the signal: 'We like to have a bit of fun, but ultimately we're serious,'” Travers sums up the Binface community motto. Nearly 24,800 voters chose the space warrior in the recent 2021 London municipal elections.

However, the electoral system has been changed for the next election and now conforms to the 'plurality-to-most' system that also applies to general elections in Great Britain, in which the candidate with the most votes wins and everyone else simply wins. confiscation. Harvey does not find it acceptable that this change should simply be pushed by the two major parties without consulting voters. Many Londoners may not realize that they no longer have two preferences. “I think we have to be honest with people,” he sums up.

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