May 19, 2024

Harry's return to the UK poses a new problem for William and Kate

Prince Harry is planning to return to the UK, while Meghan is staying at home. Photo: PA Wire/Yaroslav Sabitov

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Vera Sibnich

Since Prince Harry immigrated to the United States with Duchess Meghan, visits to his old homeland have become rare. In the end, Harry only returned for important occasions such as the coronation of his father, King Charles III. To return to the UK – or to give evidence in one of his many ongoing court cases.

But on Monday it was announced that Harry will soon return to Great Britain. The Duke of Sussex is expected to arrive in London on May 8. It is now clear that Meghan will not be accompanying her husband.

However, this may not be because the former actress is afraid of the long trip, because according to media reports, Meghan will travel to Nigeria with Harry shortly afterwards. The country is currently applying to host the Invictus Games.

Now a royal expert explains why Harry's visit to the home could become an issue, especially for Prince William and Princess Kate. He also says why he still sees the fronts between the two becoming more hardened.

Archive - September 10, 2022, Great Britain, Windsor: Kate (from left), Princess of Wales, William, Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, meet after...

The relationship between Sussex and Wales is very difficult.Picture: PA Wire/Kirsty O'Connor

Royal Family: The expert sees no opportunity for reconciliation

The announcement of Harry's return to Britain has already drawn much criticism. A spokesperson for the Prince announced the news exactly one day before William and Kate celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary.

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Many also saw that Meghan traveling with him to Nigeria shortly after, but certainly not coming with him to London, was an insult to the royal family.

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However, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams now explains that Harry's air visit may not be as pleasant for other royals. “I think Harry's visit poses problems for William and Kate,” he said.sun. It is not expected that there will be a meeting between the brothers or even with Kate. Rather, his evaluation is:

“It seems to me very unlikely that they will meet Harry when he comes. This is clearly not the time for that.”

The expert points out that William and Kate are currently going through a difficult stage due to their cancer treatment. In his opinion, this is the wrong time to reconcile with Harry.

“Any serious attempt to repair the breach means mutual trust and that means communicating privately,” Fitzwilliams says. If there is indeed a rapprochement between Harry and the royal family again, the public will likely know nothing about it at the moment.

Sussex has lost confidence

The expert reminds us that after Kate announced her illness, there was supposed to be a call between her and Harry – “but I think we still have a very, very long way to go before Wales.” “We can trust the Sussexes for obvious reasons.”

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Fitzwilliams may be alluding to the fact that Harry and Meghan have repeatedly addressed things against other members of the royal family in podcasts, books, and their Netflix documentary. His clear diagnosis at the end: “That's why I think it's so difficult.”

It remains to be seen whether Harry will actually complete his visit home without meeting William, Kate or Charles, who is also ill. However, it has now been officially confirmed that Meghan has canceled the London trip.