September 29, 2023

The true crime show “Traitors – Trust No One!” begins! On RTL – Film plus Criticism – an online magazine for film, film and television

It can be more satisfying to see someone lying when you know the truth yourself. The new reality crime show “Traitors – Trust No One!” Exactly that fun and has already captivated millions of international viewers. Starting September 20, every Wednesday, at 8:15 p.m., also starts at from right to left An exciting game of appearance and reality. Over six episodes, viewers are kept on the edge of their seats by evolving deceptions, suspicions, truths and lies. Ingredients: 16 celebrities who turn reality upside down at will in the game to obtain silver treasure worth up to 50 thousand euros. The new TV show is helmed by Sonja Zietlow.

How to play the game “Traitors – Trust No One!”: 16 celebrities gather in a castle in France and the game begins. At the heart of the show, at the round table, Sonja Zitlow selects three traitors from among all the players who are wearing blindfolds and therefore cannot see their choice. specified? Only TV viewers know the identity of the traitors, and thus become omniscient observers in this thriller of deception made of manipulation and deception.

Since then, the three traitors have been playing a complex game of confusion to their advantage. In each episode they eliminate a fellow player, called the Loyal Player. But be careful: they can also be exposed and banished by the Saviors.

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