December 3, 2023

For Duchess Meghan, paid parental leave is a 'humanitarian cause'

For Duchess Meghan, paid parental leave is a ‘humanitarian cause’


10. November 2021 – 0:06 hour

You justify the activity

Duchess Meghan (40, “Suits”) recently campaigned to introduce paid parental leave in the United States. Critics accuse Prince Harry, 37, of being a royal, lacking impartiality and unreasonable political activism. However, she herself sees it differently, as she explained in an online summit for The New York Times.

People need support, ‘certainly if they just had a baby’

The 40-year-old took part as a speaker at the “Minding the Gap” event and, according to the American “People” magazine, admitted that members of the royal family are traditionally politically neutral. But for them, the issue of paid parental leave is not a political issue. “Payed parental leave is just a humanitarian issue in my view,” she said.

“I think this is one of those issues that is not red or blue,” Megan added, referring to the traditional colors of the two major political parties in the United States – red is attributed to Republicans and blue to Democrats. According to the mother of two, the United States “is only one of six countries in the world that does not offer any form of paid national parental leave.” “We can all agree that people need support, certainly if they just had a baby.”

When she was eleven years old, she decided to go to Procter & Gamble

The former actress developed a desire to open her mouth and actively make change early on. This is proven by an interview discovered by the Inside Edition with 11-year-old Megan on the children’s show Nick News. At the time, I wrote a letter to Procter & Gamble, because their advertisement for washing-up liquid was only for women. Megan’s activism had an impact: the slogan “Women Everywhere in America” ​​became “People Everywhere in America”.

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Duchess Meghan also made clear her request for paid parental leave in October in an open letter to two high-profile politicians. Recently, she confirmed her request in private phone conversations with a number of senators, Politico daily reported.

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