March 2, 2024

Princess Kate is unusually revealing in her public appearance

For her appearance in London, Kate relies entirely on the color red.Photo: PA Wire/Victoria Jones

the Royal family

Jennifer Ulrich

Princess Kate almost never makes mistakes when she appears in public and her clothes are always carefully chosen. Rarely does her appearance cause as much buzz as it did during South Korean President Yeon Suk-yeol’s state visit to London. The 41-year-old relied entirely on the color red on this occasion, and this was not the only thing that caught attention.

Especially when Kate got out of the car or climbed the stairs, she showed a lot of strength for her standards. Accordingly, the feedback was overwhelming.

Princess Kate attracts attention

Kate wore a red coat for this occasion with a large bow on her chest. Her hat, heels, and even the accessories she carried were in harmony with the color.

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Kate and her husband, William, visited the country at a London hotel. After the welcoming ceremony, a formal banquet was held at Buckingham Palace in the evening, also attended by King Charles III. partner.

November 21, 2023, Great Britain, London: Kate (right), Princess of Wales, and William, Prince of Wales, meet on the first day of the state visit of the President of South Korea and his wife to Great Britain...

Kate shows off a lot of leg in London.Photo: PA Wire/Daniel Leal

However, the others involved quickly disappeared into the background that day: it was the princess who attracted attention. Royal fans are now particularly concerned about the moments where Kate’s bare legs were exposed.

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Royal fans are marveling at Princess Kate

“I’d rather have Kate’s legs,” a user on X (formerly Twitter) enthused. The fan also demands regarding the princess: “She should tell us her training routine!” Users immediately ask who Kate’s personal trainer is.

In fact, Kate does a lot for her body and has actually enjoyed many sports – Whether it’s tennis, hockey or climbing. The princess even does targeted strength and conditioning training.

There are only a few criticisms on social media. “Isn’t this inappropriate?” someone asked cautiously. Elsewhere you can read: “She knows exactly what she is doing. This way, she ensures that everything revolves around her rather than the state visit.”

Bitter comparison with Meghan

Some people also can’t resist making a comparison with Meghan. While the Duchess has been criticized for almost all of her actions for years, Kate has always been celebrated. So the observer expresses the following theorem:

“That big leg is totally fine with Kate. But if it had been Meghan, everything would have been negative again.”

On the other hand, it’s certainly questionable whether Meghan noticed Kate’s latest appearance. After all, the 42-year-old is currently busy making connections and (once again) getting a foothold in Hollywood.

By the way, there may be a problem at Christmas: there has been speculation recently that Harry will return to Great Britain for the holidays, after which Meghan would prefer to stay in the United States.

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