‘Your Majesty, Mom’: Charles thanks the Queen for 70 years of service

Updated on 4/6/2022 at 11:42 PM

  • He thanks the appointed heir to the Jubari throne with loving and humorous sentences.
  • However, Queen Elizabeth herself stayed away from the event.
  • The 96-year-old had apologized for health problems.

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Heir to the throne, Prince Charles thanked his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, for his decades of dedication and service to the United Kingdom. “On behalf of all of us, I would like to commend myself for your dedicated service throughout your life,” the 73-year-old said in a speech to Her Majesty’s Mama in London on Saturday night. The Queen was not in attendance at the spectacular event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne along with several other music stars and celebrities at Buckingham Palace. The 96-year-old has repeatedly canceled appointments due to mobility issues.

During the speech, portraits of the Queen from the years of her reign were displayed on the facade of the City Palace, which Charles himself chose, according to his residence. Among other things, the 1966 World Cup was offered to the England national team.

“The scale of the celebration tonight—and the radiance of warmth and affection all this weekend—is our way of saying thank you—to your family, to the country, to the Commonwealth, to the whole world, really,” Charles said. The future king assured that the Queen’s strength and stamina would be sorely missed at the “Platinum Party” in central London. Also mentioned was my ‘dad’, Prince Philip, who passed away in 2021, whom we will miss very much and who would surely have enjoyed this evening very much.

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“We celebrate everything you did to make the Commonwealth such an important force for good,” Charles said. “And you continue to make history.” “Your Majesty, you have been by our side through difficult times. And we gathered together to celebrate moments of pride, happiness and joy.” The Queen laughed and cried with them and has always been there for 70 years. Charles said, “You’ve promised to serve your whole life and continue to deliver. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re celebrating tonight.” “So, Your Majesty, we say thank you.” (best / dpa)

Since the royal family’s retirement, Prince Harry and Meghan’s appearances have been rare, especially in the kingdom. On the second day of the Queen’s 70th jubilee celebrations, they appear at the Thanksgiving Service, which Elizabeth II cannot attend for health reasons.

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