September 29, 2023

How dominant Max Verstappen really is

At the British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen celebrated his sixth consecutive Grand Prix victory. The Third World title internally appears to be a mere formality. PULS 24 took a closer look at the Red Bull pilot’s dominance.

There is Max Verstappen – Then there are the other 19 Formula 1 drivers. The season so far in the premier motorsport category can be summed up like this or something similar. The Dutchman has been on the podium eight times in the previous ten Grand Prix races.

And his colleagues won the Grand Prize (Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan). Sergio Perez. Along with the final victory of the 2022 season in Abu Dhabi Red Bull Racing Eleven GP victories in a row, with which the Austrian racing team broke the 35-year-old record McLaren From the 1988 season.

Verstappen: ‘The talent of the century’

Indeed the one who died in 2019 Niki Lauda Verstappen called “the talent of the century”. A special salute, because the former world champion and Mercedes advisor did not often take off his red hat in front of the competition.

After Verstappen became the youngest Grand Prix winner at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix, the Dutchman is on the verge of breaking the next record. Verstappen misses just three wins to equal the record for most consecutive races. Alberto Ascari (1952/53) and Sebastian Vettel (2013) Celebrate nine consecutive victories, Verstappen holds six.

Mad Max: In the footsteps of the greatest

Another record ladder that Verstappen quickly climbs is the most Grand Prix wins. With his success at Silverstone, Verstappen (42) now has one more win than the Brazilian F1 legend Ayrton Senna (41).

He holds the record for most Grand Prix victories Lewis Hamilton (103). A brand that seems distant – but Verstappen could more than equal the record due to his age. When Hamilton won for the 42nd time, he was 30 years and nine months old. Verstappen celebrates his 26th birthday in September.

F1 driver with most GP wins
1. Lewis Hamilton (103 wins)
2- Michael Schumacher (91)
3- Sebastian Vettel (53)
4 – Alain Prost (51)
5. Max Verstappen (42)
6 – Ayrton Senna (41)
7. Fernando Alonso (32)
8 – Nigel Mansell (31)
9 – Jackie Stewart (27 years old)
10. Jim Clark, Niki Lauda (25)

Verstappen never change a winner

in Driver rating It only seems like a matter of time before Verstappen wins his third title in a row. The lead over Perez is 99 points – and the halfway point of the season hasn’t been reached yet.

Even better: Even without his Red Bull team partner, Verstappen was doing just that originator points To lead the next stop in the Dutchman’s chase for records: Hungarian Grand Prix On Sundays (3 p.m., Servus TV and Gwen).