June 14, 2024

WM Bakuriani: Figure Skating – 6th place for Koblet/Casanova in team competition – Sports

WM Bakuriani: Figure Skating – 6th place for Koblet / Casanova in the team competition – Sports – SRF

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Figure skating cross-country skiers Callie Koblet and Lara Casanova finished the team competition at the World Championships in Bakuriani in sixth place.

As in the individual event, the Swiss cross-country skiers were also denied a medal in the team competition at the World Championships in Bakuriani. The mixed duo Callie Koblet / Lara Casanova showed good competition, but had to give up in the semifinals and eventually took 6th place.

The mortgage is too big for Casanova

The Swiss team got off to a great start in the quarter-finals, with Casanova leading. Because Koblet finished third in the men’s race, the St. Gallen native had to turn up the heat on her run. And this is exactly what I succeeded in doing. Casanova was able to pass the Americans and the Australians and won their race.

Casanova’s starting position in the semi-finals was even more difficult. Coblet could not keep up with the competition and gave up with a huge deficit. Casanova could no longer redeem this mortgage. Third place in the semi-finals, Switzerland was eliminated in the semi-finals. Second place in the mini final.


He narrowly missed Switzerland’s victory in the minor final

Lara Casanova.


Gold for Great Britain

Great Britain, France, Austria and the United States battled for medals in the Grand Final. The British duo Huw Nightingale / Charlotte Bankes confidently took gold, ahead of Austria and France. The USA went with Olympic champion Lindsey Jacoblis empty-handed.

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