May 22, 2024

Stifel Arena in Vienna: Austria is tested against world ice hockey champion Canada

On May 5, the Austrian national ice hockey team will test itself in a match against Canada. It is expected to be a big match, as the Canadians are some of the leading players in the sport. The test will be held at the Vienna Capitals Steffl Arena in Vienna.

Vienna. What Brazil or Argentina is to soccer what Canada is to ice hockey. The country won its 28th World Championship title with its men’s national team, most recently last year. This year too, the men with maple leaves are the favorites

Before things get serious for Austria and Canada as well, in the World Cup, they test each other at the Stifel Arena in Vienna. The trial match is on May 5 on ice Capitals of Vienna It aims to give the Austrians the experience they need to excel at the World Cup. Who knows, maybe a surprise success can be achieved in the Test against the great nation of Canada.

The last test before the World Cup

The match begins in Danube City against Canada on Sunday at 7 p.m. There were no more tickets available because the result of the test match sold out quickly. However, local hockey fans can also watch live on “ORF Sport+”. The last time the Maple Leafs were guests of Kagran was on May 7, 2019. At that time, the homeland of ice hockey won with a score of 7:5 over the Austrian national team.

After just five days of testing this year, on May 10, the final round begins in Prague, Czech Republic. Austria – like Canada – will play for the first time on Saturday, May 11. For Austria, there will be Denmark as the starting point for the World Cup.

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The test against Canada should reinforce the focus again, and not just bring important experience against the Danes. The ultimate goal for the red, white and red men is to remain in the top division at a third consecutive World Cup.

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