Great Britain wants Latin as a subject in state schools

Great Britain wants Latin as a subject in state schools

Unlike many private schools, the language has not yet been taught in public schools. “We know Latin has a reputation for being an elitist subject for the privileged few,” Education Secretary Gavin Williamson told the newspaper. “But the topic can bring a lot of advantages to young people, so I want to bridge that gap.” The curriculum should not distinguish between public schools and private schools.

The ministry is also betting that Latin will also help in learning other languages. For example, the number of students choosing French for their final exams (A-level, roughly comparable to an Abitur level) has declined for years. But knowledge of Latin is also useful in other subjects such as English or mathematics.

According to a study by the British Council, a cultural institute, Latin is currently taught in only 2.7 percent of all public schools, but half (49 percent) of private schools. The pilot project, which will initially include 40 schools, includes visits to Roman sites in the country to promote a deeper understanding of the culture. (dpa / sc)

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