May 18, 2024

Local elections in Great Britain: Boris Johnson turned away from polling station for lack of ID

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson ignored a law introduced in local elections in Great Britain: Johnson showed up at the polling station without an identity document, Sky News reported. “Poll staff were forced to turn the former Prime Minister back after she failed to comply with legislation she introduced during her time in Downing Street.”

Johnson wanted to vote in South Oxfordshire, where he lives with his family. The referendum was on the status of the so-called Police and Crime Commissioner, a political post responsible for overseeing local police powers.

A spokesman for Johnson did not deny the report, but said the former prime minister had voted. According to the BBC, Johnson arrived at the polling station at a later date with the necessary documents and cast his vote. The 59-year-old had previously called on the Conservative Party to elect his successor Rishi Sunak on Platform X.

Under Johnson, elections were called into law in 2022 despite fierce criticism. The law requires voters to identify themselves with an official document such as a passport or driver's license. According to critics, the regulation makes the poor and elderly and members of minorities less likely to have ID.

The Labor Party also led the election in Sunak constituency

Most municipalities want to announce election results after Friday. The result of the mayoral election in London Not to be announced until Saturday. Sadiq Khan of the opposition Labor Party is the clear favorite there.

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All in all, a defeat is expected for Sunak's Conservative Party. A Labor politician also led the vote in the newly created region of York and North Yorkshire in the Prime Minister's constituency of northern England.

Experts believe that the election results will have an impact on Sunak's political future. If his Tories lose more than 500 of the 1,000 seats in local council elections, many commentators believe he could be in trouble within the party. Sunak will hold office from October 2022.