September 29, 2023

Formula 1: This is the status of Hülkenberg’s contract – now team boss Steiner is speaking! | sports

Nico Hulkenberg (35) caught a real decent weekend at Spielberg! And it can be rewarded soon.

For the sprint he qualified fourth in Austria, was second in Red Bull Sandwich behind Max Verstappen (25) and ahead of Sergio Perez (32), ended up sixth and scored three important points for the world championship – scoring (now 12th with 9 points) . Although no less than eight cars in the grid are better than the German Haas.

Guenter Steiner has been the lead for the Haas team since the debut of the American team

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For the main race on Sunday (3pm / live on Sky and on in the live tape) he qualified eighth, in Canada two weeks ago even second. highest performance. Works at Hulki!

Does that also result in appreciation from his team in the form of a contract extension? The German returned to Formula 1 after a three-year break, replacing Mick Schumacher (23) at Haas. Everything is being removed from the car.

Gunther Steiner, team boss Hülkenberg (58) when asked by BILD at the Spielberg field: “We are very happy with the drivers at the moment. We are in no hurry to sign the contract, but we will do it as soon as possible.”

Bild digs deeper: So not much left to discuss?

Steiner: “No, exactly, we don’t have to have a lot of discussions about it anymore.”

This means: in reality everything has been fixed. Hülkenberg’s future in Formula 1 is more of a formality – if he wants it to be.

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Source: CHIO Aachen

The picture is white: Hülkenberg is not only well received by his boss, but also by the team, for example in the garage. He gives the team opinions, which helps tremendously with the setup and development of the car, and also drives the team forward at the factory. Chemistry is suitable for this.

Hülkenberg delivers – especially compared to team-mate Kevin Magnussen (30). The Dane has recently been experiencing more and more deterioration and often looks pale next to Hülkenberg.