The Saints Team Alvin Camara ties a NFL record with six quick relegations

It didn’t take long Alvin Camara To present on Christmas Day.

The New Orleans Saints sprint back 40 yards from the landing on the game’s opening drive to make a quick lead over the Minnesota Vikings. And he did so in style with a pair of green-and-red Christmas cleats that would result in a fine from the league.

Camara has scored six touchdowns against the Vikings and now has 21 touchdowns in the season – the highest of his career. The six-speed accelerated TDs are associated with Ernie Nevers (Chicago Cardinals, 1929) for most games in NFL history. Camara has also set a high career path with yards of squabbling. He was named to his fourth Pro Bowl team in four years earlier this week.

The Saints’ attack line also deserves recognition on the day both guards began Andros of peat And the Nick Easton Outside with casualties. The streak opened a major loophole for Camara against the injured Minnesota defense.

The Camara might also benefit from ceremonial cleats.

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