February 25, 2024

Ex-Royals not welcome: Harry and Meghan refused to travel on Air Force One?

Former royals are not welcome
Harry and Meghan denied traveling on Air Force One?

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Did US President Biden reject former royal princes Harry and Meghan? According to one report, the couple was not allowed to return to America on board the famous presidential plane, Air Force One, after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Logic makes you sit up and take notice.

After the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in the fall of 2022, Prince Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, apparently wanted to make a special return trip to the United States. As the Daily Mail reported, the Sussexes did not ask anyone other than US President Joe Biden to deliver him.

Accordingly, the Queen’s 38-year-old grandson, Harry, and his 41-year-old wife, Meghan, wanted to travel to America with Biden and his presidential plane, the world-famous Air Force One – but they were denied this, the newspaper also says. He writes.

Fear of “rioting”.

Accordingly, the White House is said to have rejected the request because it might cause a “riot.” The White House did not want to strain relations with King Charles. Previously, Harry and Meghan were said to have been denied a pre-funeral reception at Buckingham Palace in the lead-up to the memorial service. There, King Charles and Queen Camilla received foreign royals and heads of state, including Joe and Jill Biden. Harry and Meghan were reportedly told that only “working members of the Royal Family” would be welcomed.

In the midst of these events, the couple’s staff are said to have contacted the White House to ask if Meghan and Harry could return to the United States on Air Force One. The Daily Mail quoted a source as saying, “It could have caused such a stir. It would have led to tense relations with the palace and the new king.”

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