May 22, 2024

Zombies from the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera: This is how bad a quickly aging close-up photo currently looks online

Samsung seems to lose connection

According to Ice Universe, Samsung’s mobile division is now completely losing touch with the competition and prefers to focus on other things rather than improving camera algorithms (author’s note: and hardware too). This is particularly evident in the progress Vivo is currently showing impressively in the zoom range with the new 200MP Samsung sensor in the Vivo X100 Ultra. In comparison, not only Samsung’s current photography algorithms but also the camera hardware looks outdated, which is why the comparison with the oppo Find X7 Pro in the examples above and below is more appropriate as the hardware is more comparable here.

The Find X7 Ultra uses a 50MP 1/2.51 telephoto camera with an F/4.3 aperture and 6x optical zoom. On the Samsung, the 50MP telephoto is 1/2.55″ with an F/3.4 aperture and 5x optical zoom. However, there are worlds between the results, at least as presented by Ice Universe below and above – we have not verified this. Not only when taking photos of people but also when taking photos of buildings, here too at 30x zoom.

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