February 29, 2024

Contaminated smartphone? You should know these signs

Android phones are particularly vulnerable to hacker attacks because of their open operating system. Malicious applications can quickly reach a device, even from the official Google Play Store. But how do you know if your smartphone has been hacked? We’ll show you the typical signs.

But first you need to take the most important step that will best protect you: a lock Open your device to apps Unknown sources Download apps from Google Play Store only. Most Android malware comes from so-called third-party sources, that is, apps you install somewhere online instead of the Play Store.

1. Check yours Cell phone bill For unauthorized SMS or calls to expensive premium numbers which can be sent by malicious apps. If necessary, block third-party access through your mobile service provider.

2. Check data usage From your applications. If apps are using an unnecessarily large amount of data for no apparent reason, you should pay attention. Here data can be transferred to hackers.

3. Check regularly Money and mail account For unauthorized access or unusual activities. Change passwords and scan your phone with antivirus software.

4. Find one thing that makes you stand out Slower performance Or the battery drains more quickly. Malware often runs as an invisible background process that affects the phone’s performance.

5. Frequently interrupted or interrupted phone calls Strange noises on the line It could be an indicator of a breakout.

6. If you are Applications On your phone you can find Not downloaded by yourself You should also consider hacking. Adware or other malicious applications are often downloaded.

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7. Changes in Internet browsing, such as Websites suddenly look differentIt may be a sign of a virus affecting data exchange.

VIII. Makes a sudden appearanceWhich come from unknown and questionable sources, is an indication of the presence of a malicious application.

If you now suspect that your smartphone has been hacked, you must act quickly. We explain how to proceed correctly here in our own Extensive practical advice. There we also clarify the question of whether and how iPhones can be infected.

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