February 25, 2024

Internal fix for Windows 11 via update function is coming

This week, Microsoft released the final updates to the Windows Insider Program before the winter break. Now a “hidden” feature in the Dev channel has become particularly interesting – it concerns in-place fixes.

That reports it Online magazine Deskmoddder It refers to the discovery made by X user and leaker PhantomOcean3. While trying out the new Windows 11 build 23601, he came across a feature that wasn’t mentioned in the release changelog on the Windows blog.

Hiding in the development channel since 23516.”

The function has now also been integrated into the beta channel, more precisely in Windows 11 build 23H2 build 22635.

Behind this is a really practical function for necessary repairs to the operating system. Regular repair is expanded in place. So now you need the ISO to perform the repair. Otherwise, in the Settings app, there is only the option to Reset PC and hopefully any issues that arise will be resolved.

Select Repair procedure

The new option expands the repair with a key that allows you to select whether to perform the repair via Windows Update. Windows will then begin downloading and installing a repair copy of the installed version of Windows automatically.

Microsoft has been working on this improvement for some time. It is said that the new in-place fix is ​​likely to be distributed to all users via the Windows Update function with the next Moment update.

This will likely be ready in the spring and means that a series of improvements will begin from the fifth moment.

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Windows 11 23H2 Update: The most important innovations at a glance


  • Microsoft releases the latest Insider update before the winter break
  • A hidden feature of in-place repairs has been discovered
  • PhantomOcean3 finds new functionality in Windows 11 Build 23601
  • The Repair Now option is also available in the Windows 11 Beta channel
  • No more ISO required for OS repairs
  • Automatic download and installation via Windows Update
  • A new in-place fix could come with the next Moment update

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