May 22, 2024

New WhatsApp functionality – Green Heart brings changes to the messaging service

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WhatsApp users can be happy: users get a new function reminiscent of Facebook or Instagram. This is what lies behind it.

Silicon Valley – ever since WhatsApp The app was launched in 2009, and is constantly changing. Meta Group messaging service regularly develops updates and new functionality for its users. The app is now more than just an SMS replacement, as was originally intended.

The information portal announced recently WAbetaInfo A change that affects WhatsApp status. The established portal provides regular reports on changes and innovations in the messaging application.

WhatsApp Status: Green heart allows quick reply

WhatsApp Status was introduced in 2017. Like in Snapchat, texts or photos uploaded in WhatsApp status disappear after 24 hours. This feature is also similar to the Story feature on Facebook and Instagram. But although users on Instagram and Facebook have had the function of liking stories for a long time, this was not previously possible on WhatsApp. For now: The new functionality will soon allow users to directly interact with the status with a green heart.

New functions and updates are constantly available for WhatsApp users. (Avatar) © Zachary Schorer/dpa-tmn/dpa

The green heart will be at the bottom right of the status window, similar to Instagram. The new feature also comes with another change: interactions are displayed on the status screen and are no longer located in the message history, as before. This is intended to make using the app more straightforward, especially for active users.

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There is currently another particularly interesting WhatsApp function for event planning.

Despite the new functionality: privacy remains protected through end-to-end encryption

Although the update seems to be inspired by Instagram and Facebook, users do not have to worry about their privacy: according to the information portal WABetaInfo Quick Reply is protected with end-to-end encryption, just like WhatsApp messages. This means that no one outside the conversation can recognize or save the quick reply.

In January WhatsApp has introduced new blue ticks. WhatsApp now also has a ‘heart’ elsewhere in the popular messaging app. (Law)