June 22, 2024

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According to Amazon, they are dedicated to developing and testing technologies to better support employees and satisfy customers. The site also serves as a European hub for the development of new, innovative and sustainable packaging and as a training center for Amazon Robotics employees.

While previously the laboratory was intended exclusively for scientists and engineers working on site as well as for company employees, in mid-April 2024, Amazon provided representatives of the world press with a look behind the scenes at the research center and the development of its innovations.

The latter relies on the so-called “innovation mindset,” which takes place in five steps. At the beginning of every development there are questions. For example, where there are challenges in the logistics process, what processes can be made more efficient or convenient and where it is possible to save materials and resources.

“It is especially important for us to always stay in touch with our employees and develop solutions based on their ideas and suggestions for improvement,” explained Robert Marhan, Vice President of People, Experience and Technology for European Operations at Amazon, during the press event. .

In this sense, the workforce is not only encouraged to contribute to improving work processes through suggestions, but is also financially supported with a special programme. The cover story of Issue 5/2024 of LOGISTIK HEUTE magazine, published on May 17, explains how a company moves innovations to different stages of maturity and what advantages and challenges are associated with development. The story also provides insight into the ways other companies are developing innovations for their logistics operations and putting them into practice.

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