June 22, 2024

Science – Researchers reveal the origins of a castle in the twelfth century – Bavaria

Mindelheim (dpa/lby) – Researchers have discovered new evidence of the creation of a medieval castle complex and thus the founding of the city in Mindelheim in Swabia. According to the results, the more than 800-year-old complex could not have been built by a lower aristocratic family, as previously assumed, as explained by the head of the cultural department Christian Scheidler. The city relies on current findings from examination of historical literature and analyzes of the building structure.

Mindelburg was actually built in the 12th century as a residence for the son of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa, Scheidler said. “That’s why it’s a huge building,” he said. “It is actually an imperial building, and there is an emperor behind it.” This means that it was not a castle, but a ducal palace. “We were able to uncover a blind spot in history.”

The city landmark of the Lower Allgäu region has only been examined in detail in recent years. The facility has been no longer available to the public for over 70 years because a company leased it. After the lease expired, the city took over the building and it will now be converted into a museum within the next four to five years.

Researcher: Mindelburg once served as the residence of a duke

Friedrich Barbarossa acquired possessions in southern Germany in the second half of the 12th century as a result of inheritance, according to Munich historian Lorenz Mayer. “At the beginning of 1178/79, one of Barbarossa’s sons was installed as Duke of Swabia.” “This massive shift in ownership in Swabia is the fundamental condition and reason by which Mindelburg’s construction cannot be explained,” Meyer explained.

About a year ago, historians presented a previously unknown corridor between two floors. It is said that this corridor dates back to the time the complex was built. It has only been found in connection with preparations for a planned general renovation.

Scheidler explained that a piece of wood from the early construction phase was discovered in this area. The age of this wood can be analyzed. The date agrees with written sources. Accordingly, the years from 1168 to about 1190 are considered the period of construction at Mindelburg.

New scientific discoveries also about the founding of cities

Schedler expects Mindelburg to be classified more as an architectural monument in the future, rather than just a castle of regional importance. “We hope to also receive funding from the federal government.”

According to Scheidler, Mindelheim’s history also needs to be rewritten. “We previously believed that a small, insignificant family, the Mendelbergers, founded the city.” But this cannot be so. “The city was founded from the castle above, by the Emperor and Duke Frederick of Swabia.”

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