May 22, 2024

Players spend 30 hours building PC cases for the Fallout series and we can’t look away

PC is primarily intended for Fallout fans.  (Image from Reddit @MakEnt75)
PC is primarily intended for Fallout fans. (Reddit image/@MakEnt75)

in He fallsIn the series, we go through the adventures of Lucy, who leaves her basement for the first time and goes on a journey. Through the series, many viewers have come across the video games of the same name for the first time or again. Fallout 76 in particular has managed to attract a lot of players again and may have surprised some with how good it is now.

If you want to play your video game on the right device, you can now upgrade your computer with an amazing case. One player spent 30 hours crafting a resin case entirely inspired by the TV series.

This PC case honors the Fallout series down to the last detail

What does the case look like? The computer case is blue/yellow, similar to the suits in the Vaults. On the front is a symbol with the number 33, which represents the front door to Vault 33. Above it you can see the arm of a piece of powerful armor that has punched its way through the casing.

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On the side you can see more details that you might recognize from the TV series and games. There’s a Nuka Cola bottle, a power armor helmet, and a logo from Vault-Tec.

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The same logo also adorns the front of the box. In order for the case to visually match the apocalypse, some of the corners were painted brown to represent rust. The builder states that the housing can be purchased and can currently be found on eBay.

What do fans think of the case? In the comments on the Reddit forum, many users expressed enthusiasm for the self-made residence. They wrote that it would look good and fit in well with Fallout 4’s current gameplay.

Some also compare the look to Minions, Borderlands or Bioshock 2. Other users even have suggestions for improvement: They would have used Nuka Cola, which is next to the can in the photo, for water cooling. The bottle could have been used as a reservoir for the cooling circuit.

There’s nothing in the PC yet, as only the case will be sold on eBay. So, if you would like to own a case like this, you can bid on it or use it as a source of inspiration for a DIY case.

What do you think of the Fallout PC case? Do you do TV series and video games justice?