June 20, 2024

Little Snitch 6: Available Now |

It’s been around for over 20 years, and I’ve been using the Austria Firewall frequently for almost that long. Interestingly enough, your operating system and the programs you use call home. The time is now: the sixth major update to the best firewall on Mac is now available for purchase. The time has finally come, Little Snitch 6 has arrived.

The country needs new jobs

Little Snitch 6 brings several new functions to the most popular firewall application for macOS. The most emphasized by the manufacturer is DNS encryption. This allows you to securely query the server name. You can also install new blocklists with one click, which are curated for you.

Objective Development, the developers behind the app, have also reworked the Control Center, which is the heart of the program. The visualization of entire data flows has also been revised.
Other new functions here at a glance:

  • DNS Encryption: Little Snitch can encrypt server name queries to protect your online activity from prying eyes.
  • Integrated blocklists: Easily choose from a curated list of blocklists. One-click installation for added protection against unwanted connections.
  • Menu Bar Control Center: Quickly access important network information, graphs of recent activity, and recently blocked connections right from the menu bar.
  • Interactive Traffic Graph: Clearer visualization and analysis of network activity in a redesigned and intuitive real-time traffic graph.
  • Hierarchical grouping of connections: Group connections by application, domain, server, or country to get deeper insights into network traffic.
  • Advanced search and filters: Use advanced search functions to quickly find specific connections or firewall rules.
  • Usage statistics: Optimize your firewall rules based on frequency of usage.
  • Audible Notifications: Stay informed about specific network activity just by listening. Make communications not only visible, but heard too!
  • Rule sets: Organize firewall rules by topic to turn related rules on or off together.
  • Improved web application support: Allows better and more precise control over external communications initiated by websites.
  • Enhanced firewall rules: Use the ID from the cryptographic code signature to better identify processes. The rules are therefore resistant to renaming or moving applications.
  • Simplified Setup: Automatically create rules for installed software to simplify initial configuration.
  • Expanded support for Xcode Simulator: To ensure unhindered operation in Xcode Simulator, comprehensive rules can now be created for all simulations.
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Little Snitch 6.0 is available now

Want to protect your MacBook? Want to see on your iMac or Mac mini what’s happening with all the data coming into or out of your computer? Then you can get a single license for €59 or a family license for €115. This is a one-time purchase without having to pay anything monthly.

If you purchase the previous version after January 1, 2024, you will get Little Snitch at no additional charge.