February 24, 2024

After decades in the United States: Dolph Lundgren is now an American citizen

Dolph Lundgren and his wife, Emma Crookdale, are now American citizens. Image: Michael Mathis / Shutterstock.com

Dolph Lundgren is now an American citizen. The Swedish action star has been naturalized with his Norwegian wife, Emma Krökdahl. The “Rocky” star was a student in the USA in the 1970s.

After spending a long period in the United States, Dolph Lundgren (66) can now call himself an American citizen. As I mentioned peopleThe Swedish national was naturalized in Los Angeles on Monday. The magazine showed pictures of the action star holding the American flag and official documents. In another photo, Lundgren raises his right hand to swear an oath to the US Constitution. “It's about time,” the “Rocky” star said.

“I have lived in this country on and off for more than 40 years,” People magazine quoted Dolph Lundgren as saying. “I love America and the wonderful opportunities this country has given me,” the actor said. And further: “I'm proud to finally become an American citizen and officially make this my home.”

Lundgren's wife, Emma Crookdale, also became a US citizen on Monday. It does not come from Sweden, but from the neighboring country Norway. The two Scandinavian exiles met in Los Angeles in 2019. They married in 2023.

Dolph Lundgren: Already as a student in the USA

Dolph Lundgren was born Hans Lundgren in Stockholm in 1957. In the Swedish capital, he studied at the Royal Institute of Technology, where he graduated as a chemical engineer. Lundgren was often in the United States in the 1970s during his studies. He received scholarships to universities in Washington, South Carolina, and the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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After studying, karate master Lundgren worked as a bouncer in one of the New York clubs. There he met Grace Jones (75). The singer hired him as a bodyguard and the two later became a couple. When Lundgren visited Jones during the filming of the 1985 Bond film “A View to a Kill,” the director spontaneously offered him a small role as a KGB agent.

Also in 1985, Dolph Lundgren got the role that would make him famous. In “Rocky IV” he also played the role of Soviet Russian boxer Ivan Drago, who entered the ring against Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa (77). Lundgren later turned his back on Hollywood for a while. He lived with his ex-wife Annette Kveberg in Marbella, Spain for several years. Their two daughters were born in Stockholm.