September 30, 2023

A Postcard from the Sea – Holiday Mood on the English South Coast – The News


Margit seems to have run out of time. Those who could not afford it abroad spend their holidays here.

Margit. a little cloudy. Islands of sailing ships are located on the keel. People on sun loungers. Nap. Looks like little reptiles hovering in the distant blue.

Those who could not afford a vacation in England – and now there are quite a few of them – go to the English coast in the summer.


SRF/Patrick Folser

I wrote “I will always love you” on the sidewalk. The blue-green salty water that washed around them froze from the cold. 16°C. Here is half the North Sea and half the English Channel.

It can also upset your stomach. English waterworks regularly allow fecal matter to flow untreated into the sea, which can cloud the view slightly when submerged.

Beach, pier in the distance.


SRF/Patrick Folser

On land, the scent of seaweed, salt, and fish hung in the air. At the blue and white kiosk on the beach, fish and chips are fried at 150°C until golden.

Obese patrons, cooking in the sun at 28°C, are reddish. For many of them, Margit is a nostalgic trip to their childhood.

Fish and chips stall in Margate.


SRF/Patrick Folser

The density of crutches and wheelchairs is correspondingly high. In addition to sun loungers, you can even rent wheelchairs that are suitable for the beach and have wide rubber wheels like a bucket. However, these do not protect against heat buildup.

When the weather is nice, an ambulance with oxygen and water rushes in two or three times a day if someone has collapsed, the rescuer reports.

The bell tower, built nearly 150 years ago in honor of Queen Victoria, chimes every hour.

Historic black and white photo with many sunbathers.



However, Margate’s heyday is long behind her. With mass tourism came the decline of the English seaside resorts.

Margate, Brighton or Eastbourne. The places are all taken from a similar melancholy.

Beach welcome poster.


SRF/Patrick Folser

Victorian sidewalks are corroded by rust. Longtime Love on the Wharf has turned into a depression.

Nowhere are there more economically inactive people, as the unemployed have come to be known, in the United Kingdom than on the English coast.

At least the BBC’s sea weather report is optimistic today: “Moderate. Good later.”

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