October 1, 2023

Wu-Tang Clan is working on a close combat RPG game

Wu-Tang Clan is working on a close combat RPG game

The Wu-Tang Clan is said to be working on a video game of its own. The rumors seem pretty credible so far – but nothing is confirmed yet.

The basics in brief

  • The Wu-Tang Clan is said to be working on its own RPG.
  • This is in collaboration with Microsoft and Brass Lion Entertainment.

No one expected that: Hip HopThe Wu-Tang Clan from New York City is working on their own RPG. The rumors are working Microsoft and the young studio Brass Lion Entertainment. Former Skyrim and Bioware developers are also participating.

The rumor has been officially confirmed About the alleged role-playing By and with a cult group currently not. However, some details have already found their way onto the Internet.

The game is a third-person action and role-playing game. The focus is on hand-to-hand combat with weapons or magical powers. Co-op mode for up to four players should also be part of the experience.

And the game should also visually appeal to the gaming community, because it should have an anime look. The project is said to be in a very early stage of development.

Rumors about the Wu-Tang Clan are reliable

The rumors must be completely believable: the alleged information about the role-playing game comes from gaming journalist Jes Corden. He should keep coming back with his predictions in the past MicrosoftKeep projects healthy.

Rumors are circulating while, according to Brass Lion Entertainment, in reality game in development Located.

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