Playlist for the month of March by HOMMAGE

Playlist for the month of March by HOMMAGE

R&R Radio: Dale & Natalie have been running their bar since February Reverence, allegiance, or respect On Klybeckstraße 29. The couple offers drinks, sounds and hotspots for those who indulge in the subversive side of the 70s. Here you can hear the current “Voices from Underground” playlist. Cheers! By Mirko Kaempf

Describe the playlist:

It is the current playlist for “Sounds from the Underground” Nights in Hommage

Where was your first ever gig?

CBGB in New York 1978

What was the last concert you saw?

The last concert I saw of significance was also around 1978 although I don’t remember much about it…

What is the most recent record you added to your collection?

LAMF by Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers (The Lost Mixes). Greatest Album Ever An original mix was recently discovered in the attic.

If you could have a party anywhere in Basel, where would it be?

Greetings of course….and we do that all the time!

What’s the best late night snack ever?

Pork fried rice at Wo Hop, Mott Street in New York City. Otherwise… a slice of NYC pizza!

Something you would like to say would be:

Life is short…don’t forget your past and don’t let it spoil your future! Don’t be a legend never was and never will be a legend in your mind. In the end, we all matter, in some way…

Thank you Dale for answering our little Q&A!

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