May 22, 2024

Saudi Arabia and Dubai sank

Dubai was once again hit by violent storms. Saudi Arabia was also affected by the weather disaster. In the desert state, heavy rains washed away cars and turned the streets into raging rivers.

Residents were forced to leave their cars behind and flee from the approaching water. The Sun wrote that the Qassim region was particularly affected. Some residents were forced to barricade themselves in their homes as water levels rose rapidly.

The flooding began on Monday and continued for several days. Videos show brown flood water in the streets. Thunderstorms can be heard across the country. β€œIt was very bright, as if the city was lit up,” one citizen said.

Electrical systems, including lighting and air conditioning, were disrupted throughout the Qassim region. The Saudi authorities had already issued an urgent warning at the beginning of the week – including to the capital, Riyadh. Warnings were issued of heavy rain, strong winds, low visibility, hail, and thunderstorms.

Charming Dubai has once again been hit by harsh weather. In mid-April, the city experienced its heaviest rainfall in more than 70 years.

Annual rainfall fell in just 24 hours. The city was completely unprepared and was paralyzed for several days. An airport was flooded, roads were closed, and homes were flooded.

Just two weeks after the sun shone, another storm hit Dubai. The authorities were forced to issue an emergency safety warning: residents should avoid beaches, do not sail and stay away from valleys.

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