June 20, 2024

A long night of searching at ÖAW

It can be tried on May 24. CERN President Fabiola Giannotti, scientific presentations with Martin Moder and The Sciency Feminist, debate on genetic engineering and more than 30 hands-on stations.

How the Big Bang gets into the tunnel, what Nobel Prize-winning quantum physics looks like, what stories are hidden behind medieval graffiti and what makes a gentle sea urchin a renewed artist: in the Long Night of Research on May 24 at the Austrian Academy of Sciences ( ÖAW ) Visitors can have fun, try things out and ask questions at more than 30 stations and hands-on lectures.

“From archaeology to quantum physics to cell biology – there are exciting sciences to be discovered at the Academy Campus during a long research night. With us you can look over the shoulders of researchers and experiment for yourself. You only have to have one thing,” says ÖAW President Heinz Fassmann. “A lot of curiosity.”

Cold science rather than dry facts

Program highlights also include appearances by Stars of Science: Fabiola Gianotti, Director General of CERN, will provide insights into the future of the world’s largest particle accelerator in an exclusive live audio broadcast. Standard journalists Tanja Traxler and David Reinert will speak to her on the big stage of the Vienna Postsparks. Another scientific luminary was Joseph von Hammer-Borgstall, the first president of the Academy of Sciences. On Hammer Burgstal’s 250th birthday, Dirk Stermann, known from the ORF program “Hello Austria”, will read live from his book “Der Hammer”.

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Change of scene from Postsparkasse to ÖAW ballroom: here are Science Buster Martin Moder and Elka Xharo – science feminists on Instagram. Moder explains how dry facts become fascinating science, and Xharo talks about why conspiracy theories work and what tricks you can use to easily debunk them.

Join the discussion about green genetic engineering

You can then participate in a discussion on the controversial topic “How environmentally friendly is genetic engineering?” Plant biologist Orton Mittelstein Scheid, science critic David Spencer and “diploma farmer” Timo Kuntzle have answers to this question, which Moderated by Leena Yadlapalli from ABA – Science.

A delight for the mind and palate

If you need a little refreshment after so much spiritual nourishment: your physical health won’t be neglected at Campus Academy either. A food truck with Italian delicacies and a mobile espresso cart ensures that not only your head but also your taste buds get their money’s worth.

In addition to the academy campus, science enthusiasts can also experience ÖAW research at other locations: the Space Research Institute in Graz opens its doors, the Youth Academy is a guest at the St. Pölten campus and at the University of Klagenfurt, ÖAW demographer Wolfgang Lutz talks about global population development.