June 20, 2024

Samsung OLED TV S95D in testing

The centerpiece of the brand new 65-inch (exact model name: QE65S95D, screen diagonal: 163cm) Samsung 4K OLED TV (3840 x 2160) is the Neural Quantum 4K AI Gen2 processor, which uses its own AI algorithms to constantly analyze and improve the picture. And: With Real Depth Enhancer Pro and Quantum Matrix technology, the display should ensure balanced contrast even in complex scenes.

Samsung S95D: Test sequence 1

Source: BCTP

The second plus point for the 65-inch model tested by PC Online: Samsung gave the model a glare-free matte OLED screen, which actually (!) Reduces annoying reflections, but still guarantees high color accuracy and image clarity. In testing, this was a huge improvement over its predecessor, the OLED, especially in daylight. Samsung also put its hand into the light output itself.

Samsung S95D: Test Sequence 2

Source: BCTP

In the brightness test, we can confirm that the screen is about 9 percent brighter (compared to its predecessor). Combined with typical OLED features, namely deep, rich blacks with great contrast ratios, this is another practical advantage. The native refresh rate is 100 Hz, but it can be increased to a maximum of 144 Hz using the built-in “Motion Xcelerator” function, which is an advantage for fast movements – for example when watching sports or playing games.

Samsung S95D: Test Sequence 3

Source: BCTP

The OLED panel specially manufactured by Samsung shows its qualities especially when it comes to quick image changes or camera zoom. He mastered our hands-on testing course, consisting of various test videos, quick image changes, etc., with flying colors and no stuttering. The manufacturer did not give up the independence of viewing angles. With a measurement of 170°/175° (horizontal/vertical) it is close to the maximum. In short: a festive performance.

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