May 19, 2024

Copilot comes to Outlook mobile apps

Microsoft has announced a number of innovations for the different versions of Outlook, all of which relate to the implementation of Copilot’s AI functionality. Like a company like a blog post announcesCopilot AI Assistant is now also available in iOS and Android mobile versions of the mail client. But only if you subscribe to Copilot monthly, which costs $20. The assistant can summarize longer conversations or help compose emails.

The option to summarize longer conversations is also now available in the Windows version of Outlook, and the coaching function aims to provide support when writing emails and help you strike the right tone. In the coming months, Outlook will also be expanded to include a feature called Draft with Copilot, which will create emails based on keywords.

The innovation in the spam folder finally affects the mobile and desktop versions: sender addresses are now also displayed here in the overview, making it easier to distinguish between valid emails and spam. (research and development)

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