With Windows 11: Microsoft brings back software that is over 30 years old

After many years, special software is back with Windows 11. You can find out what users need to know here.

For some time now, users have been able to try out Windows 11 while Microsoft is still working on the final touches to the operating system. As a company now on its own Blog post This work also includes a reinterpretation of an application and Windows 11. This also includes a sound recorder, to celebrate its return with the new system.

Audio Recorder is a recording software built into Windows. If you are using Windows 10, you probably know the sound recorder. This is the successor to the voice recorder that was already present in early Windows versions. However, at some point, the audio recorder replaced the software.

With Windows 11, the audio recorder is celebrating its return

This is what the new sound recorder looks like in Windows 11.
This is what the new sound recorder looks like in Windows 11.


Now the opposite happens. The voice recorder is back. Unlike an audio recorder, this not only records the microphone input, but the entire Windows audio. This opens significantly more possible applications for users. However, the microphone input can still be recorded if the corresponding audio settings are made under Windows 11.

Microsoft also wants to remove previous restrictions – such as the 60-second limit on recordings. The new voice recorder is currently still part of the Insider Program. Once it is released to all Windows 11 users, you will be the first to know it here.

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