February 24, 2024

Winner of “Das Supertalent”: US jury's failure for small dog trainer | entertainment

Her performance was definitely the most tender of the entire show. However, not everyone was in a cuddly mood…

In 2017, Alexa Lauenberger (now 11 years old) won the final of “Das Supertalent” (RTL). Germany's youngest dog trainer claimed victory with her eight wizened companions, wowing the judges and audience with a fast-paced display.

Now Alexa has dared to take on another challenge: On “America's Got Talent: The Champions”, the 11-year-old, along with the other international winners of the casting show, faced the judging of a star jury, which included, among other things GNTM icon Heidi Klum (46) and presenter Simon Cowell (60) sit down. There she reached the final again – and contrary to expectations, she received a slap in the face…

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Admittedly, Alexa's dog number wasn't quite right this time. But the four-legged friends jumping and dancing polonaise were definitely funny. The jury thought so too, with the exception of Simon Cowell.

“I will not make myself famous by what I say now,” the juror, known for his harshness, began his verdict. “But I'll be honest with you and the truth is that this performance was nowhere near as good as the last two numbers. This show is called 'Champions', and this is the end, and I think you've ruined your chances of winning this show.”

British Dieter Bohlen: Show veteran Simon Cowell's casting

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Disappointed looks from Alexa, boos from the audience. Mother of four and juror Heidi Klum didn't want to leave it that way and made objections to Powell:

“You have to realize what you're doing here. You didn't want to show the same thing again, so you came up with a new work, and to do it in just one week is really difficult. Well, it wasn't as great or as precise as the one before it, but you came up with Something completely new for him. So thumbs up for you!

After lots of support from celebrities, the little dog trainer can finally smile again.

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By the way, it has already been decided who will win the final, but the winner will not be announced until the next episode on February 17. Unlike regular episodes of “America's Got Talent,” the Champions Edition will not be broadcast live but will be recorded.

This year, a group of so-called “super fans” pre-selected the winner.

On February 17, we'll find out whether Alexa and her fluffy friends actually “spoiled” their win — as Powell predicted — or whether the lively group has returned to the top of the podium.

No cheating allegations this time

Alexa was clearly shocked by the jury's harsh verdict. But at least this time the student did not have to deal with cheating accusations: shortly after her win in “Das Supertalent”, allegations emerged that it was not Alexa herself, but her father, Wolfgang, who trained and trained the dogs. He just “lent” them to his daughter.

A few days before the final, Papa Wolfgang appeared on the program “Super Pets – The Most Talented Animals in the World” on Sat.1. With the same animals and the same tricks.

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