May 22, 2024

US government condemns Russian cyber attack on Germany

The USA (United States of America) flag flies in the air during the exercise “National Guardian 2024” as part of the Bundeswehr exercise series “Quadriga” at the Oberlausitz military training area. Photo: Robert Michael/dpa


The US government blames Russia for the cyber attack on SPD and others, and strongly condemns the attack. The U.S. government is joining Germany in blaming the APT28 group for “specific malicious activities against a German political party,” the U.S. State Department said Friday. It said Russia’s conduct flagrantly violates the framework for responsible state behavior in cyberspace. They call on Russia to stop these “malign actions and comply with its international obligations and commitments.”

The SPD and German companies in the fields of logistics, weapons, aerospace and information technology services have long been targeted by cyber attacks. The central government blames the Russian military intelligence agency for this. “Russian state hackers have attacked Germany in cyberspace,” Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach said during a visit to Australia in Adelaide.

The U.S. government asserted that it had already charged and imposed sanctions on actors associated with APT28 for engaging in “various malicious cyber activities.” The US State Department continued. These included cyber operations aimed at interfering in the 2016 US presidential election. The US Department of Justice worked with Germany in the fight against APT28.


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