July 16, 2024

USA: Hurricane Idalia heads towards Florida – the consequences of the latest storm are in – Panorama

USA: Hurricane Idalia heads towards Florida – the consequences of the latest storm are in – Panorama

tornado com. idealia Gaining strength over the Gulf of Mexico and heading towards the US state of Florida. The US Hurricane Center in Miami said on Tuesday evening (local time) that sustained winds of up to 155 kilometers per hour were measured. This corresponds to a Category 2 hurricane on a five-point scale. it is expected that com. idealia Life-threatening flooding in parts of Florida’s west coast, such as in the Big Bend area south of Tallahassee.

On Wednesday morning maybe com. idealia Accordingly, it will hit the Gulf Coast of the state as a Category 3 hurricane. Many precautions have been taken in Florida. In 28 districts, residents were asked to leave their homes and protect themselves com. idealia to bring to safety.

On Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis urged people to follow the authorities’ instructions. “If you choose to stay in an evacuation zone, rescue workers will not be able to reach you until the storm passes,” he warned. “You really have to go now.” He said that there is no need to drive hundreds of kilometers. It is often sufficient to move ten kilometers away from the expected path of the storm.

Emergency teams are available not only in Florida but also in the states of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, which can be deployed to hardest-hit areas immediately after the storm subsides, said Diane Creswell, head of the Federal National Civil Protection Agency, at a White House news conference. They are also ready to provide food, water, blankets and medicine to people in the affected areas. One of the biggest hurricane hazards is the predicted storm surge, which can quickly become fatal. US President Joe Biden pledged full support to the state. National Guard personnel were ready for possible rescues.

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Tampa Airport has temporarily suspended flight operations. Many schools in Florida remained closed. Heavy rain and storms are also expected inland and on Florida’s east coast.

tornado Ian It caused massive damage to the state last fall, killing more than 100 people. At the time, the center of the storm was a little further south and in a more densely populated area than now expected.

Due to flooded roads, people and vehicles make slow progress in Patapano, Cuba.

(Photo: Ramon Espinosa/AFP)

Cause already since Monday com. idealia Heavy rains and strong winds in western Cuba were also felt in the capital, Havana. There was a power outage there, as well as in the worst-affected parts of the Caribbean nation. The official news agency reported on Tuesday that the floods occurred in Pinar del Río province, known for its tobacco cultivation, and on the island of La Juventud. Some communities were cut off from the outside world and hundreds of people were moved to safety. Pinar del Rio was also affected by the hurricane Ian Massive damage occurred.

Tropical hurricane season lasts from June to November in the Atlantic Ocean. There is talk of a hurricane with sustained winds of 119 kilometers per hour. According to experts, climate change increases the likelihood of strong storms.

The strength of hurricanes is measured according to a scale developed by meteorologists Herbert Sapphire and Robert Simpson: a category one hurricane, with speeds of up to 153 kilometers per hour. Phase 2 applies to Tempo 177, Phase 3 to 208, and Phase 4 to 251. Destructive damage is threatened by a Category 5 typhoon, which is spinning at winds over 251 kilometers per hour.