Ubuntu Linux: Install Microsoft Edge

Download the installation package

The first thing to do is to download the appropriate installation package for Ubuntu from Microsoft. To do this, start your favorite browser, such as Firefox, the standard Ubuntu browser. Enter the URL in the address line Official download page and press Enter.

Now click on the big button at the top of the page Download for Linux. The context menu opens with several options, two of which are for Linux. Select the entry Linux (.deb), since this package is suitable for all Debian-based distributions, including Ubuntu. show the second option, Linux (.rpm), on the other hand, is intended for distributions based on RPM Package Manager (formerly Red Hat Package Manager).

Before starting the download, you must agree to the Microsoft Edge license terms by clicking the button Accept and download Click. In the Firefox dialog that displays by default, select save the file and click OK.

to install

After the download is completed successfully, you can close Firefox or any other browser you are using. The downloaded Edge package can be found in the download directory by default. To navigate there, launch the Nautilus file manager via the shortcut in the start menu (launcher) in the left area of ​​the work surface. After entering the tool, go to the directory using the sidebar Downloads.

Now double-click on the file saved with the extension deep. Then another window opens in which you click on the Install button. Since the Microsoft Edge repository is not yet included in the list of allowed software sources, you must first authenticate yourself with a password in the next dialog before starting setup.

When the installation is complete, you can go to the Edge browser. To do this, switch to the applications via the network icon in the dash (left sidebar). Then type in the search box edge or Microsoft Edge Click on the displayed browser icon.

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products: The trick works with Ubuntu 21.10. The procedure may differ in other versions. (ad)

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