Sker Ritual extends seikDemo to Steam Next Fest

Wales Interactive has announced that due to popular demand on Steam Next Fest, they are extending the demo period for Sker Ritual for an additional 10 days until Thursday, June 30. Also, the time limit has been removed from the demo and replaced with a 25-round limit per repeatable game instead. This is due to the resounding success of Steam Next Fest where developer Sker Ritual’s broadcast was the most watched demo broadcast on Steam with nearly 8k concurrent viewers.

Wales developers have also given a sneak peek at some of the upcoming content players who are anticipating this. Although no exact date has been confirmed, an open beta with more content is planned before it launches on Steam Early Access later this year.

In a preview of Sker Ritual, Richard Seagrave of GameSpew said, “Although Sker Ritual is geared towards co-op and supports up to four players online, we found it to be very fun and individually controlled as well. It’s challenging but not overwhelming. The game is currently in alpha, it looks and works very well. With all that in mind, we are very impressed with the game. It has so much potential and we can’t wait to get our hands on the full game and team up this summer. Drunken residents: You’ve been warned “.

Stay tuned for the new Meet the Elites trailer, and more details on the intricacy of the Celtic god-inspired Miracles feature system.

Those who join Discord and designate themselves as alpha members will be given preferential treatment on future beta dates. Anyone can join here:

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