May 22, 2024

New video from Montecito Villa: Prince Harry honors US soldier

New video from Montecito Villa Prince Harry honors US soldier

Elizabeth Marks and Prince Harry at the 2016 Invictus Games.

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Prince Harry returned with a video message. In it he pays tribute to Elizabeth Marks, a soldier he describes as a “friend”.

Prince Harry, 39, has appeared in a new video, which shows him at his home in Montecito, California. In it, Duchess Meghan's husband (42) honored his “friend” Elizabeth Marks (33) with the “Soldier of the Year” award.

Despite being stripped of his title, Harry wears his military medals

Harry is in the clip According to “The Sun”. In the backyard of his luxury home in his adopted home in America, he wears a black suit and red tie. He has four of the British Army's military medals attached to his jacket – although his military titles were also revoked when he abdicated in 2020.

In the video, he describes Elizabeth Marx as a “beacon of inspiration”. 33 years old According to an official statement from Sussex Joined the US Army in 2008 at the age of 17. He suffered bilateral hip injuries while deployed to Iraq, but continues to serve as a combat medic and Paralympic swimmer.

He met Elizabeth Marks at the Invictus Games

Harry met Marks at the Invictus Games in Orlando in 2016, where she presented “not one but four gold medals she won in swimming” to the son of King Charles III. (75)

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The Sussexes' website also quoted Harry as saying: “Ellie braved every obstacle that came her way.” She turned pain “into a goal and showed with compassion and determination that the impossible was indeed possible.”

The next Invictus Games will be held in 2025 in Vancouver and Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. For the first time, winter sports such as alpine skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, cross-country skiing, skeleton and wheelchair curling will be held. Harry is the host of the Invictus Games, which he launched in 2014.