May 22, 2024

Booked: Lufthansa Allegries Business Class to Canada

From May 1, 2024, the first Lufthansa Airbus A350 with Allegris is scheduled to depart for Vancouver. On May 2nd we went to Toronto for the first time, with me on board!

Although the first flight from Munich to Vancouver was unfortunately closed to normal bookings at the start, I was lucky enough to get a seat in the new Allegris Business Class for the first Allegris flight to Toronto. Board preparation for reisetopia!

Before the official first flight, we'll show you exclusive Lufthansa Allegris insights – from the official press event on April 25th and from the unofficial first flight from Munich to Frankfurt on April 26th!

Finally more space in Lufthansa Business Class

After years of waiting, it seems now is that time. I can't believe you can finally test the Allegris cabin on a flight. What impressed me the most was the variety of seats. Because while I think the “flying is becoming personal – like never before” approach is good, I'm still wondering how different the seats are and whether they're worth the extra cost or if it all just ends up being a mess in the end.

New business class suite in window

In my opinion, they have already done everything right with the color tones throughout the cabin. Blue tones look very harmonious with brown and are almost silent, so that you can really expect the flight. I am interested not only in my own experiences, but also in the experiences of others. After all, Allegris is a much-discussed topic and expectations are often high. Because in the end it is the customers who need to be satisfied.

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Personally, I'm especially looking forward to more space and the modern technology the seats boast. Especially in the suites in the first rows, you can understand the seats and what was in mind when creating the concept. Fortunately, the biggest point of criticism, the lack of privacy, has been addressed. But whether enough has been done for privacy or whether doors on each seat would have been better will only be clear during the first flights.

Save a lot of money by rooting

Unfortunately, due to the high demand for the first Allegris flights, the prices were very high. Additionally, the booking time of 2.5 weeks before departure is very late, especially for long-haul flights. A ticket from Berlin to Toronto via Munich costs more than 4,000 euros. However, changing the departure airport from Berlin to Prague significantly reduced costs to less than 3,000 euros on the same route via Munich to Toronto. Considering you can get to Prague much cheaper, this is a good deal and a good saving.

Almanac Prague is one of the best hotels in Prague

Plus, it gives me an opportunity to discover more of a new city. After countless positive reports from friends and colleagues, I am now very excited about the city of Vltava. I'm really looking forward to last year's revamped Almanac X Prague. Of course you can find this in Recipetopia hotels as well.

If you've already been to Prague and have tips on what to see, please write them in the comments.

My expectations for the Allegris first flight

As general expectations of a new Allegris product continue to rise, and due to somewhat arbitrary delays, my expectations are high. This meant that there was more than enough time to revise and perfect the original design. Of course, it is clear that minor problems can always occur during first flights.

I am happy to offer a “new” service

Nevertheless, the basic concept should have no real weaknesses to meet Lufthansa's premium standards. Since the first flight is always special, it doesn't take long to create a great experience. So, I think the positive atmosphere inspires not only the passengers but also the staff and everyone has a lot of fun during the nearly nine-hour flight.

Explore Toronto between flights

In addition to the Alegres flight to Toronto, Toronto is definitely a highlight. As a vibrant metropolis, Toronto is particularly known for its cultural diversity, lively arts scene and first-rate restaurants. So Toronto has been on my bucket list for a long time.

Toronto skyline from the Toronto Islands

In addition to classic sights like the CN Tower, the Toronto Sign at Nathan Phillips Square, and the Toronto Islands, I'm looking forward to a graffiti city tour. Again, if you've ever been to Toronto and have any tips, please let me know in the comments!

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The plan for Toronto is to check out some Recipetopia hotels for yourself. However, it's not yet clear what these will be, so it's worth keeping an eye on Recipetopia.

So it's going to be a very exciting few days for me. I can only test the new Allegris Business Class – Prague and Toronto are two cities I don't know yet.

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