May 21, 2024

The “One-Man-Show” Next-Gen Update shows how to please players

The hugely ambitious “one-man project” Manor Lords, a “solo demo” from indie developer Greg Styczeń of Slavic Magic, shows Bethesda and its “next-gen update” how to please players in droves with rave reviews on Steam. While the development giant, which has been part of Microsoft since March 2021, has to face the accusation of “throwing society into the trash” with its update, the medieval city-building simulator is currently very popular among players.

9 out of 10 players are satisfied with Manor Lords

As per the current situation, Manor Lords is allowed to be released in Early Access Very positive Because about 90 percent of the more than 1,100 reviews on Steam so far have been positive. Not only has the new medieval-style strategy game with detailed city building functions ranked first on Steam wish lists by millions of players, but the number of players has already exceeded high expectations.

150,000 players are playing Manor Lords at the same time

Such as a website statistics database SteamDB According to evidence, around 150,000 players joined the indie game at the same time shortly after Manor Lords was released. “One Man Project” also reached first place on the sales charts on the game distribution platform Steam.

Source: Steam

Over 340,000 followers on Steam and over 66,000 viewers on Twitch also speak to the popularity of Manor Lords. The PCGH topic page on Manor Lords provides more detailed information and current news on this topic.

The PCGH already had Manor Lords on the practical test

PCGH shows first impressions of the long-awaited Manor Lords in a hands-on test. We'll go over the gameplay, show the current state of the game, and outline the technical status of the upcoming Steam game. There is also a first impression of performance.

Manor Lords: How well does this medieval building game run on PC?

How playable is Manor Lords? What do 20 CPUs and 20 graphics cards do in a medieval strategy game? The PCGH editorial team has already tested this and provided the corresponding impressions in a ten-minute video.

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