Happy Farm Humble Burger brings awesome food to Xbox later this year

The upcoming horror cooking game from the Scythe Dev team, Happy Humble Burger Farm, will be released for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One later this year.
The Happy Humble Burger has already been announced on Steam, but now Dave Machete. Team Make sure the game will also have the console version. The game is called First Person Cooking and Horror which lets you cook fast food, serve customers, run a business by putting out fires, taking out the trash, solving mice problems and much more. If you get it wrong, you’ll unleash the wrath of Happy the Humble Heifer – your goal is to unlock the horror elements in the game.

We’ll also be in the streets and stores of New Elysian City, discovering the secrets of the franchise and audio recordings, and taking part in Story Mode and Endless Mode – where you cook nonstop. There are over 60 TV shows to watch in action, plus over two hours of talk shows to listen to.

Happy Humble Burger Farm is developed and published by Scythe Dev Team TinyBuildFrom Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Switch and Steam in the last quarter of 2021. Will you put on your apron and experience this weird and wonderful game? Let us know below!

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