Because of the lack of chips, the company that has toner cartridges is under criticism

Due to a worldwide chip shortage, Canon has to adapt its printer cartridges, which means that expensive original cartridges are almost imitated.

The basics in brief

  • Due to the worldwide shortage of chips, Canon has to change its toner cartridges.
  • These are the same cheaper fakes.
  • So the Japanese company has to come under criticism again.

Because the prices of print cartridges are so high, many people only buy cheaper cartridges from third parties. For this reason, Canon makes small chips in its cartridges so that the printer can distinguish between originals and fakes.

But there is currently one Chip shortage around the world prevails, until Canon has to do without these chips. That is why there are so-called “temporary toner” cartridges without a chip. Because of this, the printer reports an error message and cannot print.

Canon tip: “Just click on the error message”

The company advises customers to simply click away from the error message, it can still print. Only displaying fill levels can be insufficient. As a result, the company is again exposed to criticism.

It becomes clear that Microchips in cartridges It is unnecessary and forces customers only to buy original products. As early as October, the company got into the media as being particularly unfriendly with customers. At that time, it was not possible to scan a document when the cartridges were empty. This is despite the fact that technically No ink at all to do this.

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