May 22, 2024

YouTube significantly increases advertising revenues –

Google Search and Alphabet's cloud businesses continue to perform very well.

Alphabet, Google's parent company, reported its quarterly numbers on Thursday. In Mountain View, the company reported sales of $80.539 billion. In the same period last year, it amounted to 69.787 billion US dollars. EBITDA rose from $15.051 to $23.662 billion in January, February and March 2024. Net income rose from $15.051 billion to $23.662 billion.

Google Search continues to dominate business and has seen strong growth once again. Alphabet earned $46.156 billion from this business, compared to $40.359 billion in the same period last year. YouTube ad revenue rose from $6.693 billion to $8.090 billion. Google's network performance was moderate at $7.413 billion compared to $7.496 billion. Payment services, platforms, and other services — as well as YouTube premium fees — rose from $7.413 billion to $8.739 billion. Google Cloud improved to $9.574 billion (Q1 2023: $7.454 billion).

Google services achieved sales amounting to $70.398 billion, after deducting costs, remaining $27.897 billion (same quarter last year: $21.737 billion). Cloud revenue improved from $191 million to $900 million. Other services lost $1.020 billion, while Alphabet's other activities lost $2.305 billion. In the United States, Google's sales amounted to $38.737 billion, while in all other parts of North, Central and South America, its sales amounted to only $4.653 billion. Europe and Africa achieved $23.788 billion, and Asia and the Pacific achieved $13.289 billion.

“Our first quarter results reflect the strong performance of Search, YouTube and Cloud,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO. “We are well underway in our Gemini era and there is great momentum across the company. Our leadership in AI, research and infrastructure, as well as our global product presence “This positions us well for the next wave of AI innovation.”

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