March 2, 2024

The G7 nations are looking for global leadership in Cornwall

The G7 nations are looking for global leadership in Cornwall

The largest western industrial countries want to confront the tyranny of Beijing. But when it comes to combating the epidemic and climate change, the decisions made fall short of expectations. In addition, the Brexit dispute between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron has caused a rift in the English language.

China’s influence on the world must be curbed by the G7.

Karwai Tang / imago

In the past few years, the Group of Seven Great Western Industrialized Nations (G-7) has threatened to drift into insignificance. Not only has the relative weight of the seven countries decreased economically. Politically also, the heads of state and government of the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy have recently found themselves on the same wave less and less, especially since Donald Trump considered the forum unimportant, with his doctrine of “America first”, little multilateral cooperation wanted to know . In that regard, the three-day summit meeting at the Carbis Bay Resort, which concluded with a reception with the royals and a barbecue on the beach, was a fresh start. The Europeans were pleased that Joe Biden now represented the United States as a president seeking international cooperation. Biden said at the end of the summit that he had already made important progress in Cornwall in restoring American credibility.

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