A forum for new leaders and partnerships across Latin America as the United States demands inclusive growth

Geneva, Switzerland, May 27, 2021 – Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum, today spoke with the Vice President of the United States, executives from leading multinational companies and representatives of civil society. They discussed how to promote inclusive and sustainable economic development and improve opportunities for the citizens of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, known as the Northern Triangle countries of Central America.

US Vice President Kamala Harris created the US administration A call to action Call on the private sector to stimulate investment in parts of the region. The call urges businesses and social institutions to promote inclusive economic growth opportunities and livelihoods in order to address the root causes of migration and promote long-term development in the region.

They highlighted the strong cooperation between the public and private sectors as a key to achieving meaningful results and recognized the forum as a world leader in this field.

Professor Schwab, who will bring together a network of committed stakeholders over time, said, “The Forum has been actively involved in Latin America for decades, developing and supporting the implementation of a strategic agenda to address the region’s most pressing challenges and ensure strong leadership participation.” The Principles of Stakeholder Capitalism provide a basic guide to these actors about the role sustainable and long-term investments can play in ensuring that the economy works for the benefit of people, progress, and the planet.

Schwab also said that the World Economic Forum will meet and bring together members of civil society, business, governments and development institutions to facilitate cooperation. The forum will also leverage the Fourth Industrial Revolution network to encourage positive change and facilitate partnerships to support management A call to action.

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He emphasized that inclusive and sustainable growth are the main tenants of the forum The concept of stakeholder capitalism A way of doing business that makes the global economy work for people, progress, and the planet. It states that companies must work with civil society and governments to address global challenges and take a long-term perspective. Many companies have embraced their principles and see added value.

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