June 14, 2024

Sasha Grey

Sasha Gray reveals her role in Phantom Liberty

As early as September, CD Projekt had a file Keanu Reeves returns as Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 moviePhantom Liberty Expansion agreed. But another familiar face has a role in the expansion of the futuristic RPG.

Influencer Sasha Gray The weekend itself as part of Introducing a community radio station She revealed her role as radio presenter Ash in the upcoming expansion, Phantom Liberty.

Streamer Sasha Gray presents Growl FM radio station online

This revelation does not appear to have been fully planned. Originally it was in a tweet from official account To “Cyberpunk 2077” with one Competition To create a music track for the new radio station in Night City. Because with the upcoming expansion “Phantom Liberty” on Frequency 89.7 new radio host ash to be heard.

And there was Twitch streamerDJ, former pornographic author and actress Sasha Gray Don’t take yourself that way roar sound FM To provide:

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However, this is Not the first gray role in a video game. The broadcast device was previously also in Saints Row: The Third Game And the Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell played along.

What is the topic of the competition? In a tweet, CD Projekt invites participation in the official “Cyberpunk” music competition Tracks from the community to play a role. More details at Cyberpunk 2077 website to exist.

In short, the mission is November 30, 2022 To create a path that corresponds to CD . project Post the video fits. This is allowed They differ in style and type It must be between them 2 to 3 minutes The long-term.

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It doesn’t matter if the path is pure automatic or audio The allowed languages ​​are English, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese.

And like any good contest, there the prices Ready for Grab: The winning tracks 12 through 15 will of course be played by independent community radio station Growl FM in Cyberpunk 2077: The Phantom Liberty Expansion.

There are also $3,000 prize money, gaming gift bags, and the iZotope Elements Suite mastery program.

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