The January update raised the maximum gear score to 625

From Michael Misculin
With the new January update of the New World, the maximum gear score has been increased to 625 by the new Umbral split system. We provide a brief overview of the new system.

The January update is gearing towards New World players this month, which will contain some MMO changes. In addition to Introduction of Transformers exploratory and general test world The new system for umbra fragments will be introduced soon. This allows the gear pitch to be increased to element level 625.

The January Testing Update has been available in the public test area since January 6, 2022. Players should then be able to upgrade existing equipment using the Umbra split system. Once we love things, they are no longer useless. in a new one Blog post The developers explain how the new system works.

Any item with an upgrade value of 600 can be upgraded to level 625 with the new system. For this, players then need a certain number of parachute fragments. The higher the use, the higher the yield and the higher the level of the item. The player receives Umbral Shards as a reward for completing mutations – depending on the level of difficulty and the rank achieved. Production of gypsum molds for types of elements with an efficiency value of 600 points or more. In addition, players receive umber shards when they craft items with an item level of 600 – provided the player has at least 600 proficiencies in the respective shield type.

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From an efficiency value of 600 points, the efficiency is also related to the canopy split system. The efficiency value of 600 can be increased by upgrading with Umbral Shards, which then depend on the new corresponding item level of the upgraded item. Upgrading armor with Umbral shards from Gearscore 600 to Gearscore 605 also increased the relevant efficiency to 605.

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